Frequently Asked Questions

How much scheduling flexibility will VCU’s online courses allow me?

Online courses at VCU are designed with your busy schedule in mind.  The vast majority of our classes utilize asynchronous learning methods, allowing you to determine your own ideal time to study.  However, all course activities, assignments, and exams must be completed by designated due dates.

What is an online classroom at VCU like?

Many of our online courses will utilize Blackboard, a centralized learning platform. Blackboard allows you to access your coursework, interact with faculty and peers, post to class discussion boards, and much more.

Although many online courses at VCU will employ Blackboard, the activities you perform will often vary.  For instance, a philosophy course will require you to do different tasks in Blackboard than a mathematics class will.

Although your activities in Blackboard may vary, you can expect any VCU online course to be academically equivalent to our on-site courses, an interactive and collaborative experience, and learner-centered.

How do I submit assignments?

Typically, you will submit assignments into Blackboard.

How do I have an exam proctored?

If your course requires a proctor, you should arrange to have your exam proctored with the instructor. Another option is to have your exam proctored by the Campus Learning Center. Visit the Testing Center website for more information.

What kind of computer and internet access do I need?

You should have a broadband (cable or DSL) connection to the internet. Technical requirements for computers are available here.