Rehabilitation Counseling, M.S.

The distance-learning program is a flexible program involving two on-campus skill development courses, with the rest of the courses available online. To accommodate students living at a distance from the university, both of the skills development courses are offered in an intensive one-week format on campus. All of the other courses are offered online in an asynchronous (any time) format. You can choose the best time and place to interact with your course materials, classmates and instructors to fit your own schedule. Graduates from accredited rehabilitation counseling programs are typically trained in counseling theory and techniques; individual, group and environmental assessment; psychosocial and medical aspects of disability; human development; cultural diversity; principles of psychiatric rehabilitation, case management and rehabilitation planning; issues and ethics in rehabilitation service delivery; technological adaptation; vocational evaluation and work adjustment; career counseling; implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act; job development; and placement.

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