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Faculty Learning Community:
What is a Learning-Centered Research University?


This faculty learning community (FLC) will provide an opportunity for faculty from across the university to explore what it means to be a learning-centered research university at the institutional level, programs level, and course level. Focus will be directed at identifying the appropriateness of learning-centeredness at each level, as well as the key characteristics, key processes for moving toward learning-centeredness, and the development of assessment techniques for gauging progress at each level.

What can participants expect to do?

Participants may engage in the following activities:

  • Regular bi-weekly meetings throughout the 2006 – 7 academic year. These meetings are essential for discussing issues related to what learning centeredness means at an urban, Carnegie I research institution, for discussing and developing individual teaching projects or professional development plans, and for collaborating on group projects.
  • Pursuit of an individual teaching project related a course that you teach at VCU. The project can consist of changes to course design and delivery, the assessment of the effectiveness of these changes, and/or to the publication of scholarship associated with your work at VCU or in the FLC.
  • Collaborate with other FLC members on a group project that is intended to help the CTE articulate what a learning-centered research university might look like or how it might operate
  • Participate in, and contribute to, the development of a rubric to be used to self-evaluate the extent to which an organization is learning-centered
  • Prepare a mid-year and end of the year assessment of the FLC progress

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