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Faculty Learning Communities Program

CTE FLC Program 2013-14 Call for Proposals

The CTE is requesting proposals from faculty members interested in forming departmental or interdisciplinary FLCs that target central issues related to teaching and learning. Please follow the link below for more information. The deadline for proposals is Friday, April 26th, 2013 by 4pm. Proposals will be reviewed and decisions will be made by May 1st.

CTE FLC Program: Call for Proposals

Previously Funded FLCs



A Faculty Learning Community is a cross-disciplinary group of 6 – 10 faculty who engage in an active, collaborative, and self-guided exploration of a teaching and learning issue. Participants immerse themselves in a prolonged exploration of an issue as “expert” learners in an attempt to (1) better understand the issue, (2) make modifications to their teaching practice based on what they have learned and (3) promote better teaching and learning across the institution by sharing what they have learned with a wider audience.

The Center for Teaching Excellence started its FLC program in the spring of 2005 in an effort to address two key issues. One, faculty members have traditionally worked in some degree of isolation from one another—in silos. Research on FLCs indicates that they are very effective at promoting collegiality and collaboration—both within and between academic units. The second issue is that faculty members rarely have the opportunity to exploit their strengths as expert learners beyond their subject matter. We have found that learning communities are a great way to promote, support and guide learning across the academy. Furthermore, FLCs serve the larger Strategic Plan. VCU 2020 which charges us to become, “…nationally recognized as a learning-centered research university…”


Since the spring of 2005, the CTE has offered a number of FLCs on a variety of teaching and learning issues (see list below). In an effort to expand the FLC program, and to support faculty who wish to explore new or original topics, the CTE is requesting proposals from faculty groups who wish to explore the efficacy of the FLC model as a means of supporting and guiding the work of their group. In addition to this call for proposals, the CTE will continue to offer faculty opportunities to participate in FLCs that focus on key issues / topics in teaching and learning. These annual FLCs will be offered each year by the CTE. Additional information about our annual FLCs and the call for proposals is available below.

Common Features

Size 6 – 10 participants
Stipend $500 per participant
Duration Although on average FLCs tend to last an academic year, the duration of an FLC can vary. FLC participants choose to either end or extend their work in an FLC based on when their learning objectives have been met
Eligibility All VCU faculty and staff who have regular teaching responsibilities are eligible. In some cases, more specific  criteria may be applied when a specific target audience has  been identified.
FLC Type Although all FLCs are characterized by dual attention to both products and processes, many of them lean in one direction or the other. FLCs can belong to one of two categories: Topic- based FLCs explore specific topics, whereas, cohort- based FLCs explore common experiences.

Previously funded CTE FLCs

Additional Reading

For more Information: Contact Zachary Goodell at zggoodel@vcu.edu or call 827-0562



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