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The workshops offered through the CTE provide faculty with opportunities to explore instructional techniques, learn new skills and technologies, and to engage in collegial discussions about teaching and learning in higher education. However, we also view teaching as a process that often requires sustained engagement and reflection on practice. Workshops are often only a small step in this process. The CTE staff is committed to working with you on a consultative basis to follow-up on any of the workshops or institutes in which you participate. We have an experienced staff that can provide guidance, advice, resources and support for teaching and learning in a wide variety of contexts. We hope that you will take advantage of any of the faculty development opportunities that we make available.

With that being said, where all of our workshops emphasize the dual goal of improving teaching in an effort to improve student learning, we have chosen to organize our workshops around two separate but overlapping themes: (1) Teaching and Learning, and (2) Teaching with Learning Technologies. Whether we are exploring a new teaching technique or a new learning technology, the primary question that we ask each of the participants to consider is, “How will my learning _______________ improve the way my students learn?”

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Below is a list of workshops that we are prepared to deliver on any given occasion. Some of these workshops may not be available at a time or place that is convenient to your schedule. If you find this to be the case, please contact the CTE to find out about alternative delivery options (e.g. consultations, customized workshops tailored to a particular school/department, or electronic format such as a web conference or a podcast).

To register for any of the CTE workshops, select the appropriate workshop from the list below.

Teaching and Learning Workshops

This workshop series is designed to explore different teaching pedagogies and the appropriateness of each in given institutional settings

Teaching with Technology Workshops

This workshop series is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to explore how various instructional technologies can be used to serve one’s instructional objectives

Teaching with Blackboard Workshops

Blackboard is the "learning management system" that has been used by VCU faculty for years. We have gone through numerous versions of this LMS, and the latest version has new options, capabilities, and components. At a minimum, it gives faculty and students the convenience to access course materials, but it is capable of much more. Given the complexity of Blackboard, we have designed this workshop series as a learning path to explore the various educational uses.



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