Add to Calendar   2015-06-05 08:00 pm 2015-06-05 08:00 pm 15 John Baldessari E.V. Day Dean Fleischer-Camp Jeff Koons Marman + Borins Thu Tran In collaboration with Tenley Beazley Humor can be serious business, especially in the contemporary art world. As art proves an effective means for social critique, catharsis, and entertainment, the role of… Read More

Add to Calendar   2015-06-05 10:00 pm 2015-06-05 10:00 pm 15 Jake Borndal Tal Gafny & Perrin Turner Morgan Pearse Andrew Francis Omri Zin Noa Glazer Shawn Taylor Becky Sellinger Adam Collignon Sb Fullr Roxanne Yamins June 5-27, 2015 Reception: Friday, June 5, 7-10 pm Play Jake Borndal Tal Gafny & Perrin Turner Morgan Pearse… Read More

Add to Calendar   2015-06-05 06:00 pm 2015-06-05 06:00 pm 15 Valerie Molnar & Matt Spahr | People Via Plants As an ongoing part of their practice Valerie Molnar and Matt Spahr have been rehabilitating abandoned, mistreated and neglected plants. Some are returned to the original caretaker with instructions on future care. Others are adopted… Read More

Add to Calendar   2015-03-20 2015-03-20 15 Performances, Presentations & Skill Shares: Play Performances, Presentations & Skill Shares: Carrie Rowland Gallery 2306 Grove Ave Apt A RIchmond VA 23220 Not VCU n/a false YYYY-MM-DD Performances, Presentations & Skill Shares:… Read More