Kyle Fricke


What do you like about online learning in your program?

The flexibility of online learning allowed me to better balance my family, full-time job and personal life.  While it puts nearly all of the onus on myself to keep up with the work, if I stay disciplined, I can still work at my own pace, while still getting a first-class education and maintaining the able to interact with an excellent Professor.  All of the tools that are needed to succeed are still there, just organized differently.

What are some advantages/disadvantages of learning online?

The primary advantage of learning online is really its flexibility.  As long as an individual is disciplined enough to stay motivated all semester, the flexibility makes it easier to juggle the many stressors in life.  The primary disadvantage of learning online is the slight loss of face-to-face interaction.  While a great online instructor can get most of that loss back, I still feel that upfront conversations and formal lectures are irreplaceable.  Having said that, it does help knowing that the Professor is only a phone call or visit away!

What has surprised you about learning online?

I was surprised how much I was still able to learn through this medium of internet and electronics.  I was fortunate enough to have a highly motivated Professor for my first and only on-line class who consistently kept the climax going throughout the entire semester.  Being an advocate and supporter of formal lecture, I was certainly surprised at the amount of information that was put in front of me and how much information I was able to extract from the course throughout the semester.

How do you think your online program will benefit you in the future?

In the future I will be more open to welcoming online courses, being hopeful that the Professor will still be readily accessible.  Because I have a rather busy life these days, it is refreshing to have the opportunity to do a class online and still get a top of the line education.