Graduate Non-Degree Seeking Students

If you hold a bachelor’s degree and are not interested in obtaining a degree at this time but simply want to take several courses for credit, you can be admitted to VCU as a Graduate non-degree seeking student. Enrollment in some graduate courses is limited to degree-seeking students or majors. In courses where enrollment is restricted, first priority is given to students admitted to the program, and then to other VCU graduate degree seeking students. You are not exempt from taking prerequisites for a course, but there is no limit to the number of credits you may take, as long as your academic performance is credible. However, a non-degree seeking student who is later admitted as a degree-seeking student may apply only six credit hours earned as a non-degree seeking student toward the degree. For more information about admission as a non-degree seeking student, contact the Graduate School at (804) 828-6916. If you register for fewer than nine credit hours, you will be charged a graduate per credit hour rate. If you enroll in nine or more credits, you will be charged at the full-time graduate rate.

If you hold an undergraduate degree and enroll in all undergraduate courses, you will be classified as a DHU (Degree Holder Undergraduate). If you enroll in less than 12 credits (all undergraduate courses), you will be charged at the undergraduate per credit hour rate. If you make changes to your course enrollment by the end of the add/drop week, your classification and charges are subject to change.

Step 1: Application

Note: applications for online non-degree seeking students are currently closed. Please check this page in November.

Click here to start the enrollment process. If you wish to apply for in-state residency and are under 24, a portion of this form must be filled out by a parent or legal guardian. See available online courses.

If you are an International student, please be sure to read the application process for international students prior to beginning the application process.

Step 2: Documentation

After completing the application, Student Services will put you into our university administrative system in 3-5 business days. You will receive an email from Student Services requesting documentation that supports your application. These documents can be submitted in three different manners:

  • Scan your documents and email them to
  • Printed documentation faxed to (804) 828-2441
  • Mail printed documentation through the postal service to
    Virginia Commonwealth University Student Services Center
    P.O. Box 842520
    Richmond VA 23284-2520.

Note: VCU is required to verify that you are eligible to take the courses that you select. Thus, if all supporting documentation is not received by mid-semester, a hold will be placed on your record that that will not allow you to receive credit or grades for your current classes and that prevents you from registering for any future classes.

Step 3: Establishing your eID

You will receive a V-Number in the email that Student Services sends to you. Use your V-number and date of birth to establish your eID and eID password at VCU eID Finder.

Step 4: Advising & Registering

After setting up your eID, contact the department offering the course you wish to take to make sure you can register. Enrollment in some graduate courses is limited to degree seeking students majoring in the discipline. In courses where enrollment is restricted, first priority is given to students admitted to the degree program, and then to other VCU graduates degree seeking students. Once you have ensured you are eligible to take the course, register for it through VCU eServices. See instructions on how to register in eServices.

Step 5: VCUCard

You need a VCUCARD number to access available online library resources. You can receive an actual card by sending your photo through your VCU email account to or by stopping either of the VCUCard offices at the Monroe Park Campus or MCV campus. Getmore information about VCUCARD and find office locations.